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  • Online Completion for The Heart Of Teaching
  • We know that children are similar to snowflakes in that there are no exact replicas. Going along with this knowledge, we also know that people learn in different ways. Gaining a better understanding of how to teach to various learning styles will help maximize teacher effectiveness. 

    Classroom Applications of Differentiated Learning will study some well-known theories of differentiated learning to discover consistencies in how learning can be individualized. 

    Our study will not only help teachers understand that a personally tailored education can be a major asset in reaching children, it will also provide teachers with practical ways to deliver individualized (differentiated) instruction to a multitude of students. This is a huge challenge but not one from which we shrink. 

  • This is the online portion to go with the base class taken with Craig Schmidt.
  • Today’s fast-paced, pressure-laden, got-to-have-it-now lifestyle has created health problems that were nonexistent in years past. The human's inability to slow down and find time to recreate has become the number one problem in personal and professional lives. The field of education is no different and "Stress In Education" is designed to help educators with this pressure-filled profession.

  • “Establishing equilibrium between intellectual faculties and animal propensities"
    Our attitude is the primary factor in our mental health and, good or bad, it is our choice. Believing this, Personal Improvement Institute designed a course that specifically targets attitude and includes an examination of the “ingredients in the recipe” of a good attitude. A refreshing, highly interactive approach to study makes The Attitude Of Leadership an unusually valuable experience. It offers an invaluable opportunity for students to improve their effectiveness at work as well as at home by understanding the importance of forming and maintaining a healthy attitude. A healthy pace is maintained that allows exposure to the critical knowledge necessary for a good attitude.
  • Over 80% of our effectiveness, professional or personal is a reflection of our self-control. Self-control is primarily emotional control. While critical to our effectiveness, we understand far less about our emotional quotient (EQ) than we do our intelligence quotient (IQ) and, more dangerously, we do little to help children to understand and harness its power.
    Understanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence examines the five commonly recognized skill areas of emotional intelligence and the ways these skill areas can be leveraged to help students and teachers take full advantage of the power of emotional control. It is this power that is the focus of our study.


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